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Sales & Leasing of ISO Containers for Bitumen

Asphaltos Trade can offer for sale or lease ISO tank-containers for the carriage of bitumen products:-

  • Mild Steel Bitumen Containers – Newly Manufactured

These containers are manufactured in both the Netherlands and China using mild-steel plate for the cylindrical tank as well as for the ISO frame. Most tanks will be supplied with twin burner tubes as per the specification below, but it is also possible to install thermal-oil heating tubes if the customer requires.

ISO Tanks For Bitumen Outline Specification

 Items  Units  Specifications
 Frame Dimensions (LxWxH)  mm  6058x2438x2591
 Tank Capacity (Tolerance - 1.5%/ + 2.0%)  litres  22,500
 Internal diameter of tank  mm  2,300
 Internal length of tank  mm  5,848
 Tare weight (+2% tolerance)  kg  5,350
 Maximum gross weight  kg  26,000
 Payload  kg  21,000
 Design temperature  deg C  -20 to +230
 Filling capacity  %  95% of tank capacity
 Maximum working pressure  bar  1.75
 Test pressure  bar  2.63
 External pressure  bar  0.21
 Frame material  -  Mild steel
 Tank material  -  Mild steel
 Cladding  -  Galvanized steel
 Insulation  -  50 mm thick Rockwool
 Heating tubes  -  Twin 8" U-tubes with sleeves
 Burners (sold separately)  -  2 x 419,000 KJ/hr diesel burners


Prices FOB Shanghai and FOB Rotterdam are available upon application.

Bitumen containers with custom built features can be supplied. For example a Canadian customer bought some tanks with an external thermal-oil heating system that can be used in transit.