Asphaltos Trade S.A.

Supply of Bitumen in ISO Tank Containers

In certain locations, such as developing countries or in small islands where bulk bitumen receiving facilities do not exist, supply of bitumen in an ocean tanker is not possible. The needs of customers in such locations can be met using ISO tank containers with a capacity of 20 MT.

Currently we are distributing asphalt and emulsions by truck and ISO tank containers between various countries in South America.

In 2007-8 Asphaltos Trade supplied the asphalt for the resurfacing of L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda. Sourcing the bitumen in the US we used ISO tank containers which were loaded at the refinery, trucked to the container port and shipped to Bermuda by commercial shipping line. Due to our detailed supply chain planning the project was completed on time with no delays in the delivery of bitumen despite the remote location of the project.

Routine supply in of bitumen in ISO containers usually requires the customer to commit to receiving bitumen on an on-going basis because of the need to set up facilities for the discharge of the containers. Typically tonnage might range from 20 MT – 500 MT per month depending on location and the customer’s needs. Projects which require large volumes in a short period can be accommodated using a combination of supply by tanker into bitumen containers, temporary storage in portable tanks or a bitumen barge for example. Again, our focus is on accommodating the customer’s needs in the most efficient manner.

Due to the fact that the ISO containers that we use are T3 rated we can also supply cut-back bitumen and bitumen emulsions as well as regular paving grade bitumen.