Products & Services

Products & Services

Bitumen Shipping

Asphaltos Trade is currently operating a fleet of five bitumen tankers.  When required we charter in tonnage on a spot basis to supplement our regular capacity. 

Asphaltos Trade has direct access to a series of four 6300 MT DDWT clean products tankers which are suitable for CPP business but are also equipped with blending equipment and triple product segregation which makes them ideal as bunkering vessels.

Supply of Bitumen Cargoes in Bulk

Asphaltos Trade is able to offer supply of bitumen worldwide, including North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Mediterranean, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Supply of Bitumen in ISO Tank Containers

In certain locations, such as developing countries or in small islands where bulk bitumen receiving facilities do not exist, supply of bitumen in an ocean tanker is not possible.

Sales & Leasing of ISO Containers for Bitumen

Asphaltos Trade can offer for sale or lease ISO tank-containers for the carriage of bitumen products.

These T3 ISO tank-containers can be offered ex-Rotterdam or Shanghai, and are approved by international authorities for carriage of diesel and kerosene.

Bitumen Additives & Specialty Products

Backed by a US-based manufacturer of bitumen additives, Asphaltos Trade can offer the following products in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa.