Bitumen Additives & Specialty Products

Backed by a US-based manufacturer of bitumen additives, Asphaltos Trade can offer the following products in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Africa:-

  • Anti-stripping additives which improve the adhesion of bitumen to aggregate in the presence of water thus improving the durability of asphalt pavement in wet conditions. Prior to supply we can offer a laboratory service which will determine the correct additive to be used in combination with the bitumen and aggregate that the customer has available in order to achieved enhanced performance of the asphalt mix.
  • Anionic and Cationic emulsifiers used in the manufacture of bitumen emulsions. We can carry out laboratory tests to determine the correct emulsifier and emulsifier content prior to the customer placing an order.
  • Additives for improving the adhesion of “cold-patch” asphalt in wet conditions.
  • Non-hazardous agents for the elimination of bitumen odour. These agents can be useful for contractors who have hot-mix plants in built up areas where neighbours can be sensitive to the smell emitted during the mixing process.

Full product specifications and supply prices are available upon request.

In addition to the additives detailed above we can also supply clearmix bitumen which can be pigmented to allow the production of decorative driveways, cycle-paths, tennis courts etc. Specification and supply price are available upon request.